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Custom Electronics and Software Design


Gordon Electronics offers custom electronic design and software design services, with over two decades of experience in the industry.

We can create custom electronic designs for you, incorporating digital electronics, analogue electronics, instrumentation design, or any combination. These designs can be microprocessor-based; provide custom interfacing or signal conditioning; and with custom power supply solutions. The printed circuit (PCB) technology can be through-hole (TTH) or surface mount (SMD); and we provide detailed technical documentation for all of our designs. We can manufacture prototype quantities of the design, and provide on-going support. For more details, please refer to the Electronics Design page.

We can develop custom software designs for you. To suit your needs, we can generate microprocessor-based (firmware) or Windows-based software, using assembly, C, or C++ programming languages, and it will be efficient and reliable software. We provide detailed technical documentation for all of our designs. For more details, please refer to the Software Design page.

Key skills offered by Gordon Electronics:

  • hardware and software design services
  • analog and digital electronics design
  • microprocessor and instrumentation design
  • PCB design for SMD or TTH technologies
  • embedded (firmware) and Windows software design
  • assembler, C, C++ and LabVIEW programming languages
  • efficient and reliable software
  • comprehensive technical documentation


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